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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Like ghosts don't need a key


                                                                                                   You come slithering into me
                                                                                                   My fucking best friend to be.

You arrived when I was very weak
And turned me into a fucking freak,
Afraid to move...Afraid to speak.

Down deep inside you made your nest,                               
And never again will you let me rest.
You just keep pushing my mind to the test.

Here I am.  I'm yours to rent.
Inhabit me until I become totally spent.
There is no fucking need to repent.

You really should stay for more than a day.
You know I will miss you if you go away.
I won't have a fucking chance to play.

Close the blinds and

Bolt the door. 

No need for others anymore.          
We have your pain to make us soar.

Because of you my skin is Crimson Red
And millions of tears are being shed.
But, soon the time will come for me to be dead.

You give me wings to fly up high,
So I can watch from the endless sky
My fucking body preparing to die.     

So, when I am cold and free from harm
Will you cover me to keep me warm
And give me shelter from the fucking storms?

Or will you haunt me while I burn in hell?
Because there you go with that fucking smell,
Burning flesh--don't forget to tell.    
My body spewing Crimson Red.
I can't pick up my fucking head.
Fucking dead.
Fucking dead.
Fucking dead.


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