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Monday, June 20, 2011


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In the beginning,
               There was one, innocent and fragile,
               A delicate balance of life. 

Out of fear,
               Came another to save you,
               To keep you sane.

Another, out of anger
               An uncontrollable rage,

 And yet, another out of pain,
               A pain so loud, so deep,
               That not even ANOTHER could yield silence.

Nor, another.
Nor, another.

Many have tried, to no avail.
Your pain still screams, piercing the night.
It echoes in our hearts.

We are your soul.
We are your being.
We are your survivors.
We live for you.
We feel for you.
We are your protection.
You are hidden, forever safe.
Free from the darkness of the past.
Free from the trepidation of the future.

We live in your silence.
We live in your absence.
We are you—but separate.
You are the trunk,
We are the branches.
You are the river,
We are the ocean.
You are the mirror,
We are the reflection.
You are life,
We are the expression of life.

You are the core.
The place where we begin,
The place where we end.
All of us—we are your Pride.
Separate, yet together.
Many, albeit, one.


  1. This is hauntingly beautiful.

  2. You have found love and protection.