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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The MadHatter…Hats off to YOU, ‘N/SW’!!!


OKAY…I just do not understand.  What the other T could not do in 20 years, you seem to have done in…how many months has it been since we started seeing you?  I am not even sure.  I would have to find a receipt or a calendar to look it up.  You were going to be insignificant in my eyes, so I was not paying attention.

By NO MEANS am I saying that you have totally gained our trust.  But, I will admit there are many who have begun to trust you and your opinions.  What is it about you?  Are you a hypnotist?  I do not think you are; you never talk about hypnosis.  I am puzzled.  So, being puzzled will keep me on the skeptical side.  I like to figure people out.  But, maybe because you seem so honest, forthright and open, there is nothing to figure out.  Is there really hope?  Do you honestly think we can thrive instead of survive?  Either we are totally duped or you are just a very good T.  So anyway, I just wanted to say:

This could all change in a matter of minutes!!!
As you well know!!!

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